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We are aware of the impact the operations at CLdN CARGO have on the environment. By continuously optimizing and launching new multimodal solutions we actively reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable environment.


At CLdN CARGO we go the extra mile for our environment. Intermodal transport is part of our DNA. We have always focussed on a workable balance between ferry, rail, barge and truck. By applying truck transport for the first and last mile instead of whole trajectories, we help relieve our highly congested roads and decrease CO2 emissions.

Our sustainability policy

  1. We actively track legal compliances of our business units.

  2. We minimize your and our carbon footprint and  CO2 emissions by
    - mapping, identifying and reducing empty kilometers;
    - improving the engine types of our rolling equipment and by asking our suppliers to do the same;
    - offering training to improve the eco-driving skills of our drivers;
    - encouraging multimodal solutions, shortsea and rail;
    - using the motorways of the seas as much as possible;
    - avoiding accidental emissions through effective and expedient incident control.

  3. We reduce our overall environmental impact by providing our colleagues with necessary resources, instructions and training when carrying out their daily tasks.

We continue to invest and take our responsibility for a cleaner future