Intermodal transport

As our roads are becoming more congested and decreasing our CO² emissions is one of the biggest challenges for our future wellbeing, multimodal transport is growing in popularity. Which is an evolution we fully embrace at CLdN CARGO. Not only does a shift from road to rail or water have a very positive impact on the environment, combining different modi for one transport also increases our versatility, decreases the overall cost for our customers and especially when using our huckepack trailers, the risks of damaging cargo during transport is smaller than ever. They are after all fit for any type of transport without ever having to open the trailer and reload cargo from one vehicle to another.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a large increase in our rail volume. Today, our huckepacks as well as our containers transport our customers’ cargo all over Europe on a daily basis.

Our customers’ requirements are subject to a constant evolution, giving us the opportunity to keep optimising and innovating our intermodal door-to-door services.

Intermodal train solutions

Intermodal trains are reliable and predictable thanks to the fact that they are operated as shuttle services. Schedules, terminals, departure and arrival times are fixed. By organising pre- and on-carriage by road, we provide a full door-to-door service. Our road/rail transports are furnished with a Track & Trace service from start to end.

Intermodal (rail) advantages