Through our Forwarding Department we aspire to offer our clients a one-stop-shop with a personal service at a competitive rate. Our customers can count on their extensive network and an up-to-date market knowledge to transport anything out of the ordinary.


The Forwarding Department consists of three teams, each with their own specialisation:

1. Freight Management

For transports that do not fit our standard assets or lanes, the Freight Management team appeals to the many sustainable contacts we have within the transport & logistics network. They meet our customers’ exceptional needs in case of:

2. Total Care Supply Chain

Through our Total Care Supply Chain team, the Forwarding Department offers all-inclusive supply chain solutions. They take care of our customers’ process planning, implementation and control of supply network operations. Clients of the Total Care Supply Chain team work through a dedicated contact person who offers expertise, professionalism and an added range of possibilities to ensure the best services possible. These service include:

3. Special Cargo

Thanks to our customers’ demand, we started a third specialty team in 2014. The name of the team says it all, they handle any cargo that is either overweight or oversized for standard transportation, in Europe as well as the rest of the world. They are able to count on our sister companies, their terminals and their vessels, which leads to a constant increase in service quality and competitive pricing. For this team any project is an adventure worth going on, but they have built a strong expertise in:

Be sure to talk to them about your lifting and lashing requirements and their short sea and deep sea connections.