Container activities

With a total of 3.800 45ft PWHC containers in fleet, CLdN CARGO offers door-to-door services across Europe. Our 45ft pallet wide high cubes are ideal for transporting any commodity. Their payloads vary depending on the destination country and the transport mode.

Containers are designed for long distance transport via truck, rail, barge and ferry. Check the CLdN sailing schedule for trailers and containers here.

Container specifications:


External Dimensions

Length 13.716 mm
Width 2.500 mm
Height 2.896 mm

Internal Dimensions

Length 13.556 mm
Width 2.444 mm
Height 2.695 mm


Cubic capacity 89,2 m³
Euro pallet 33 (1200 mmx800 mm)
ISO pallet 26 (1200 mmx1000 mm)

Door opening

Door width 2.416 mm
Door height 2.585 mm
Cargo height 2.551 mm


Max. gross weight 34.000 kg
Max. Payload 29.720 kg
Tare weight 4.260 kg