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Logistics Provider CLdN CARGO Increases its Presence in the Italian Market

Multimodal transport

CLdN CARGO has signed an exclusive commercial agency agreement with Macama srl to represent the CLdN CARGO companies in the Italian market. The cooperation has started the 1st of December 2021.

Building on many years of experience and buildup of local know - how, CLdN CARGOis ready for their next steps into the Italian logistics market. The opening of the Italian agency is part of a wider strategy to support Italian manufacturers in providing tailor-made, innovative transport solutions and in expanding the “Made in Italy” products to European markets. For over more than five years, CLdN CARGO has been active in Italy providing high quality intermodal transport services to Northern Europe with their own fleet of 5,500 units. Now further steps are taken to expand these Italian activities.


Over the years, the service portfolio has gradually expanded linking Italy further to the vast European rail and ro –ro shipping network. As part of their expansion plans, CLdN CARGO has signed an exclusive commercial agency agreement with Macama srl to further expand their business and to represent the CLdN CARGO companies in Italy. The cooperation has started the 1st of December 2021.

Central location

The local client base will be managed out of the office in the centre of Milano. ‘This central location will help us to maintain and grow the Italian client portfolio’, said a spokesperson of CLdN CARGO . ‘This agreement is part of a stepped approach to further improve our services in the Italian market and grow our client base.’

Rail: the backbone of low carbon transport

Due to its capacity and speed, rail transport is ideal solution for long distance travel. With an emission of around 24 g CO2/tonne-km, rail transport will take an important role in the presence of CLdN CARGO in the Italian market. Operating directly from Italy will lead to further developments partly thanks to the recent development on Swiss Alptransit rail infrastructure (Gotthard and Ceneri tunnels). CLdN group, of which CLdN CARGO forms part, has the ambition to further reduce its carbon footprint by investing in sustainable multimodal transport like rail and ro –ro shipping. CLdN RoRo, sister company of CLdN CARGO which is generally used for shipment of  CLdN CARGO 's equipment, is currently the top performer amongst its ro-ro shipping peers in Northwest Europe for CO2 emissions per tonne of freight carried as per a recent report of PwC.

Road, Rail and Ro-Ro map Europe Royalty-free photo from CLdN CARGO rail containers

Multimodal Milano


Charlotte Puype, marketing and communication manager,

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