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Fuel and BAF

Within our network we use a combination of trucks, ships and trains to move your goods. The fuel used in the trucks and ships are purchased on a regular basis with variable prices. Fuel prices do fluctuate frequently, which result in monthly surcharges to cover the market effects for both road fuel and ships fuel (BAF: Bunker Adjustment Factor). Every month we inform you about the most recent surcharges on this page.

Fuel surcharge

BAF surcharge

What is a fuel surcharge

In order to cover the fluctuations in fuel pricing, we developed a monthly variable surcharge system which is charged separately on the invoice.

What is a BAF surcharge

The Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) is based on the MGO bunker index and is an additional surcharge charged to ship operators to compensate for fluctuations in fuel prices. It is imposed to compensate for the additional costs incurred during the transportation of goods.

How is fuel calculated

The fuel surcharge is based on the average daily fuel price publiced by TLN and Petrofed. This average multiplied by the trade factor defines the final figure

How is BAF calculated

The BAF is calculated by multiplying the 'trade factor' by the fuel price. The fuel price is the same for all trades and is calculated as the average bunker price at the major supply ports around the world over a period of about three months.

The Road Fuel price for August 2021 is:
Containers: X EUR per litre
Tailers: 1.3024 EUR per litre

Historic fuel prices containers

July 20211. 5535 EUR
June 2021 EUR
May 2021EUR
April 2021EUR

Historic fuel prices trailers

July 20211.2693 EUR
June 2021 EUR
May 2021EUR
April 2021EUR

The average MGO price for August 2021 is:
499.04 EUR per ton 

Historic BAF prices

July 2021460.85 EUR
June 2021 EUR
May 2021EUR
April 2021EUR

The effective surcharge per transport can be found in the latest version in the file below.








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