Solas VGM

From July 1st 2016 the new mandatory rules that require shippers to verify the gross mass of a container carrying cargo will be effective. These new rules are applicable for shipments on the routes from Rotterdam to Dublin and v.v. and on all routes concerning Portugal and Spain.
They are not applicable for shipments via Zeebrugge to Dublin, although we do ask you, if possible, to give us a precise VGM weight for all shipments to Ireland in order to offer you flexibility in shipments, and ship via Rotterdam to Dublin if lead-times require. Also, please note that no VGM is required for shipments via our Ro-Ro vessels to Denmark, Sweden and UK (except Northern Ireland). When shipping containers to other destinations via our Forwarding Department, depending on the sailing route the new SOLAS rules might also be applicable. Please contact our Shipping depts for more information.
Please use the declaration form below to submit the corresponding VGM weight of your shipment. Make sure you have checked the VGM weighing methods as well as the list of container weights.

VGM Declaration Form

We hereby declare that the Verified Gross Mass advised below has been obtained in accordance with and by using the Methods described in SOLAS Chapter VI, Regulation 2.
Vimos por este meio declarar que o Peso Bruto Verificado, anunciado em baixo foi obtido de acordo e utilizando os métodos descritos no Capítulo VI, regra 2 da SOLAS. 
Por este medio declaramos que el peso bruto verificado mencionado a continuación, ha sido obtenido de acuerdo con y a través del uso de los métodos descritos en SOLAS Capítulo VI, regla 2.

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